Bridge Cleaning Services

Any type, age or condition. Any height / length / anywhere in the UK. Brick, stone, steel, concrete or cast iron – road, railway, river, canal or foot – we can inspect, clean, repaint and refurbish

Access can be by rope, cradle or scaffolding – whichever is practical, safe, economically sensible and allows us to inspect closely every inch of a structure, report back with video and still photography and carry out appropriate remedial work.

In 25 years of working on all types of structures – from suspension bridge to listed castle, from modern office block to giant steel works – we have tackled and resolved just about every maintenance problem: experience that is second to none in the UK.

  • Every bridge is different – age, purpose, design, materials, structure and stresses. Many have historic significance.
  • Spandrels, parapets, rings, barrels, masonry, concrete and steelwork are all vulnerable. We understand these things.
  • We can undertake site investigations and assessment with full reporting, remedial proposals and costings to provide you with vital information, pinpointing specific faults and stress areas.
  • We’ve proven techniques to secure masonry, stitch cracks, strengthen parapets, renew materials and redistribute loads, without introducing additional stresses.
  • We’re experienced in repair and stabilisation techniques.
  • When conservation is an issue, we use minimum abrasion and traditional skills and recipes.
  • For over 25 years we have been removing, treating and managing graffiti, gum, oil stains, weeds and insect infestation.
  • Our truck mounted pumps power water through our special spray heads, which jet at critical angles to soften dirt and grime.
  • We can work at all height levels, regardless of access difficulties, using scaffolding, access platforms or rope access technology.
  • Safety matters – our personnel are only allowed to work on jobs for which they are fully trained and qualified, including rope access.
  • We always clean up afterwards and make good the site.

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