Kaizen Group Bristol Concrete Polishing

Bristol Project

Kaizen Industrial Group’s most recent large scale concrete project was in Bristol. This project was completed at an industrial building, encompassing approximately 66,000 square metres, and was a tailored concrete polishing job.

To achieve the highest level of concrete polishing for the client, Kaizen carried out some extra steps. Here is a step-by-step overview:

Step 1: Remove bolts from floor

We removed approximately 3,000 bolts from the floor. The most effective way to achieve this was by cold welding them out using a wet cold drill.

Step 2: Fill in empty bolt holes

Once all the bolts were removed, the remaining holes were filled in up to the surface level, so when the floor received the polishing, nobody would notice there that were once bolts or holes.

Step 3: Remove paint lines

Upon completion, this step gives the concrete an immaculate look. The project in Bristol had 3,900 linear metres of painted walkways and lines which had to be removed. HTC grinders were ideal to use as they remove the paint but do not damage the concrete underneath.

Step 4: It’s concrete polishing time!

Kaizen only uses the highest quality diamond tools. This gives the polished concrete a shine that cannot be matched with low-quality materials or sub-par workmanship.

If you have screed floors but want to achieve a polished concrete look, fear not – there are other options out there! One such option involves pouring, and levelling, a thin layer of cement over your existing floor to form a tougher, and more durable, floor which can then be polished. This is an ideal option for those with screed floor, or existing concrete floors that may be too soft for our diamond tools.

Besides being the experts when it comes to concrete polishing, Kaizen is also the leading experts when it comes to concrete refurbishment. So, no matter your large-scale flooring needs, Kaizen will undertake as many bespoke steps as are required to ensure that your polished concrete floor is exactly what you are looking for. No cutting corners, an honest solution with a name you can trust.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to bring your concrete floor back to life. For more information, call us today on 0800 1694 572.