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Any age, type, colour or condition – and at any height off the ground or below it, inside or outside. Crumbling or covered in paint and wherever the location, we can clean, repoint and renew bricks.

Gentleness – all forms of brick and masonry are relatively fragile, some more than others of course. This is where our many years of cleaning and renovating brickwork has given us the knowledge of how to treat bricks with care and consideration – for now and the future.

Among the many brick buildings we’ve cleaned in the UK are Imperial College, London and Bushy Park House for The Royal Estates. We’ve also cleaned Victorian houses in Bedford, Bristol and Birmingham and a large, newly built site in Milton Keynes, where we removed mortar and cement stains from the new bricks.

Every brick is different, as is the cement binding them.



  • Bricks may be soft or very hard, weathered, worn or damaged – or very old and rare. We understand these things.
  • The reason they need cleaning is as important as the type of brick – is it general dirt, a covering of paint which you want removed or because of vandal or other damage?
  • For soft, old or rare bricks – even hard bricks – where conservation is important, we will almost certainly recommend nebulous spray cleaning – the least abrasive method.
  • Where layers of paint or graffiti have to be removed, we will, by necessity, use chemicals – but sparingly to avoid damaging the fabric of the brickwork or surrounding structures.
  • We can work at all height levels, regardless of access difficulties.
  • We use the most appropriate access method – scaffolding, access platforms or rope access cleaning technology. Safety is paramount.
  • Our truck mounted pumps power water through our special spray heads which jet at critical angles to soften dirt and grime.
  • Only if the brickwork needs repointing we will do so.
  • We always clean up afterwards! This includes washing windows, doors and guttering / pipework etc and making good the site.

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