Building Maintenance, Cleaning, Painting, and Repair Services | Cold Store Cleaning

Heat exchangers – pipes – valves – buildings –whatever the type and complexity of your site and wherever your location in the UK and Europe, we will be able to clean, descale, renovate and refurbish it inside and out.

Regular maintenance is the best way to maintain standards, eliminate contamination and keep equipment running at peak performance – by involving Kaizen, you will see a reduction in energy consumption, lower waste disposal costs and shorter, less frequent shutdowns. We can:

  • Disinfect all types of cold stores.
  • Clean and maintain:
  • Complete interiors.
  • Wall mounted and ceiling mounted blast coolers.
  • Clean and renovate heat exchangers:
  • Tube clearing, breaking, descaling and surface renovation.
  • Our objective is to return them to ‘as new’, near 100% efficiency levels to maximise heat transfer and flow through.
  • For Waitrose, we are cleaning the internal surfaces and ceilings of their cold stores nationwide.
  • The work is done with the minimum of disruption to their operation –a single 14 hour shift each week for up to six weeks per unit with teams of 6 to 12 technicians, trained in food hygiene standards, reinforcing our credentials to clean and disinfect entire warehouses.
  • Other Kaizen customers include major offshore oil, industrial, food processing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and utility companies.
  • We bring the correct equipment to site, operated only by competent, highly experienced, fully trained / certified personnel.

Disinfecting – Total elimination of food contamination in cold stores can only be achieved through a well managed disinfection programme.

  • We begin by taking swabs to identify bacteria present – then, use only DEFRA approved chemicals and disinfectants.
  • Copies of our detailed records are available for your own audit – they identify the areas that have been cleaned, the methodology, substances used, date / time and personnel involved.

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