Building Maintenance, Cleaning, Painting, and Repair Services | Concrete Cleaning

Any type, age or condition – buildings, parking or paving. Offices, factories, shopping centres, driveways, paths, parking areas, walls, roads and runways. We can inspect, clean, repair, renew and refurbish wherever you have concrete – and anywhere in the UK and Europe.

Air pollution, acid rain and general grime give buildings a tired look – and chewing gum, paint, tyre marks, weeds and stains from oil, diesel and other contaminates spoil drives, parking spaces and forecourts.

A ‘spring clean’ from Kaizen will soon revive your concrete. To remove the most stubborn grime, we can either steam clean or wash with cold or hot water – and our special pre-wash with an eco-friendly oil and grease removing agent clears 95% of stains and chewing gum.

Among the many projects we’ve completed around the UK are Carlsberg’s Brewery in Northampton, Scottish And Newcastle Offices and Glaxo SMITHKLINES in Stevenage.

  • Potentially slippery, hazardous areas will have been eradicated and the surrounds to your buildings and the buildings themselves given a fresh, new look to impress customers, visitors and staff.
  • With our speed of cleaning, relatively little water is used and, as no detergents are involved, the water can go into surface drains.
  • We safely remove dirt, weeds, moss, algae grime, paint, graffiti, bitumen, oil, grease, chewing gum, tyre marks and similar coatings.
  • Our secret is that we jet water, steam or eco-friendly additives at critical angles of attack – first to loosen and then get under the mire. On ground surfaces, brushes meticulously clean without damaging the surface.

In addition, we can:

  • Repair damaged concrete.
  • Apply a hard wearing, matt or gloss finish acrylic copolymer sealant to suppress weed growth and resist oils and greases.

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