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A concrete floor is naturally uneven, you cannot necessarily see it, but you can feel it when touching the surface. Due to this micro-roughness ordinary cleaning can make the concrete floor cleaning problems even worse. Dirty wash water accumulates on the micro-rough surface and when it dries it swirls the dust up into the air, causing health risks, damaging items stored in the area and potentially damaging expensive machinery.

By having your industrial concrete floors treated with the Concria system you can:

Save time & money on your industrial concrete floor cleaning bill

Save thousands in on-going maintenance

Dustproof your industrial concrete floors reducing wear & tear to the floors & the machinery used for moving & lifting

Improving site Health & Safety

Have fantastic looking industrial concrete floors

Creates instant shine to your dry-shake industrial floors

Kaizen Group is a certified Concria system contractor providing your business with:

Free on-site survey & quotation

Fast installation time

No interruption of your day to day business

No need to purchase any costly machinery

Competitive pricing

Quality work you can trust

Proven record of providing excellent cleaning service to the worlds largest owners of distribution centres and warehouses

Impeccable Health & Safety

Kaizen can solve your concrete floor cleaning problems by using the Concria sleeking process to deep-clean, smooth and polish your concrete floors, i.e. sleeking the surface.
After the sleeking process has been applied, dirt and grime no longer collects on the concrete and your dusting problem is a thing of the past. This makes it easier and cheaper to maintain.

This eco-friendly patented technology is one of the most economical, cost-effective ways to look after new or old industrial concrete floors.

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