Building Maintenance, Cleaning, Painting, and Repair Services | Dry Ice Blasting

Dry-Ice Blasting is one of the most used cleaning techniques in today’s industrial cleaning industry.  It is a form of abrasive blasting and similar to sand blasting, sodablasting and plastic bead blasting; however dry-ice blasting is a preferred technique due to the fact that it is safer because it does not leave any chemical residue.


Here at Kaizen we pride ourselves on safety so dry-ice blasting is one of our preferred methods of cleaning.  In this process dry-ice, which is the solid form of Carbon Dioxide, is forced in pellet form at extremely high speeds, power and strength at a surface in order to clean it.  When this technique is used, there is no risk of fire, electrical or bacterial hazards and may be used to clean some equipment without disassembly.

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