Building Maintenance, Cleaning, Painting, and Repair Services | Floor Cleaning

Industrial and Warehouse flooring if not maintained and protected correctly will breakdown. Deep cleaning will eliminate the build up of staining and dirt on the floor.

Construction joint failure is typical in most concrete floors and can cause serious and expensive damage to forklift trucks as well as becoming a health and safety issue.

Industrial and Commercial Floor Preparation – Dust free shot blasting removes dirt and old coatings from concrete flooring and other flat surfaces, leaving an ideal surface for coatings to be applied. We provide a comprehensive surface preparation and coating service using techniques including captive shot blasting, bead blasting and grit blasting.

We can repair, clean, prepare and protect any surface. Grease, fats, scale, starch, soap and blood… animal and human waste… oil, petrol and diesel spills… moss, mould, algae, paint, graffiti, bitumen, chewing gum and similar coatings – all can go.

We work across the UK and Europe cleaning factory floors, car parks, warehouses, industrial units, hospitals… shopping, leisure and conference centres….sports and concert halls…schools and universities…washrooms and kitchens.

We also repair cracks, holes and crumbling substrates and control pest infestation and we repaint or relay floors.

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