Building Maintenance, Cleaning, Painting, and Repair Services | Rope Access Cleaning

All of our services are supported by our in-house team of industrial rope access technicians, along with a fleet of new lorry mounted platforms.  The ever-increase use of Rope Access and Industrial Abseiling for hard to reach commercial and industrial buildings offers a cost effective and safe alternative to the expensive and restrictive scaffolding option.

We can reach and clean the unreachable. No matter how high, how awkward, how difficult or how old, our industrial abseiling team will get there to inspect, clean, repair, repaint or refurbish.

Rope access is also usually the best approach for inspecting or working on tubular constructions, hanging and removing banners, rigging lighting and decorations and installing netting on buildings.

Our rope access team operates throughout the UK and Europe on contracts which include installing debris netting, painting, tank cleaning, banner installation and much more.

The big advantages of rope access are:

  • Minimal setup time.
  • Virtually no disruption to normal business.
  • Avoids road closures (and the associated paperwork).
  • Can get to areas machines, scaffolding and cradles can’t reach.
  • Only involves skilled people – no plant to stop or breakdown.
  • Outstanding safety record.
  • Highly cost effective.

Rope access is as effective on clad buildings as on those with recessed or protruding features such as windows and balconies. And, of course, it is ideal for very tall buildings that are too big for conventional access methods.

And, thanks to strict guidelines and a continual training programme for rope access technicians, industrial abseiling has the lowest incident rate of any means of working at height.

  • All our rope access technicians are trained in work and rescue techniques.
  • Our skilled, safety conscious staff can do anything – clean, repair, repaint and refurbish any type of building, anywhere in the UK.

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