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Our unique self-contained vehicles hold our entire specialist cleaning equipment, so we can clean any stone substrate.


Gentleness – all forms of masonry are relatively fragile, some more than others of course. This is where our many years of cleaning and renovating old stone has given us the knowledge of how to treat it with care and consideration – for now and the future.

Our specialist pressure washing system delivers water up to 150 degrees centigrade and allows us to drop the water pressure significantly.  This means it’s the heat, not the pressure, that removes the surface dirt, grime and debris – so you’ll get stunning results without damaging the stone’s surface.

Among the many stone buildings we’ve cleaned in the UK are The Criterion Theatre, London, The Lanesborough Hotel in Park Lane, Corus Tubes in Corby, Imperial College, London, Bushey Park House, London and the Scottish and Newcastle head office in Northampton.

Carrying out a stone cleaning building survey

If you have a stone building then we first need to establish what type it is and what sort of condition it’s in. We will liaise with your local planning department to establish the building’s history and whether it is listed and then look at the dimensions and its location. From these basics we may suggest a number of different cleaning methods to include jos torc, nebulous water spraying or gentle chemical removers.

  • All stone is different, as is the mortar binding the them.
  • Stone may be soft or very hard, weathered, worn or damaged – or very old and rare. We understand these things.
  • The reason the stone needs cleaning is as important as its type – is it general dirt, a covering of moss, weeds and ivy which you want removed or because of vandal or other damage?
  • The state of the stone and masonry dictates our course of action.
  • For soft, old or rare stone – even hard stone – where conservation is important, we will almost certainly recommend nebulous spray cleaning – the least abrasive method.
  • Where layers of paint or graffiti have to be removed, we will, by necessity, use chemicals – but sparingly to avoid damaging the fabric of the stone or surrounding structures.
  • We can work at all height levels, regardless of access difficulties.
  • We use the most appropriate access method – scaffolding, access platforms or rope access technology. Safety is paramount.
  • Our truck mounted pumps power water through our special spray heads which jet at critical angles to soften dirt and grime.
  • Only if the stonework needs repointing we will do so.
  • We always clean up afterwards! This includes washing windows, doors and guttering / pipework etc and making good the site.