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Safe and non-disruptive Cladding Cleaning and Facade Cleaning Projects from 1,000 to well over 1,000,000 sq ft.

KaizenGroup are one of the most experienced cladding cleaning companies in the UK. Our knowledge for how to remove stubborn stains found on cladding is second to none. The cladding cleaning division of Kaizen Group has its own access platforms and rope access facilities to reach and clean very high level cladding and hard to reach facades, using safe and experienced abseiling techniques, our rope access teams can clean even the tallest of buildings, bridges, factories, and landmarks.

We’ve tackled virtually every structure you can imagine – cladded, stone, listed, glass and even ones with grass roofs. We’ve cleaned silo’s reaching heights of 50 metres, scaled airship hangers, bridges and wind farms and worked in internal freezer chambers that reach -250C. So we think it’s pretty safe to say that if your historical, industrial or complex building needs some expert TLC, we got the skills, knowledge and know-how to give it the attention it deserves.

If your cladding and facades needs more than a ‘wash and brush’ to bring it back to life, if it needs repairing, replacing or repainting, then we have a experiences and common sense approach that saves thousands of pounds.

We can bring surfaces back to life without damaging or shortening the life of the cladding coating, whether glass, concrete, composite, aluminium or stainless steel. Whatever the cladding or facade type, age, condition or material, whatever the complexity of the building or height or length, we can clean, sanitise, restore, maintain, and protect – anywhere in the UK.

Minimal disruption to operations | High level health & safety standards | Ingenious solutions to access problems

Examples of our cladding cleaning services

Hospitals | Cladding Cleaning & Facade Cleaning

Location: London
Project Value: £200,000

Wellington Hospital was purpose built in 1974 and remains the largest private hospital in the UK. We were approached by the main contractor during refurbishment works to provide a detailed report of the external building condition of both the North and South buildings. This was carried out via rope access.

The external is cladded using an unusual Travertine panel which due to its porosity sucked in both water and dirt as well as leaching minerals out onto the glass and frames.

On completion of the report, samples were carried out and noted that the soft substrate required a sympathetic approach, so we prescribed the use of a super-heated water system such as Thermatech and DOFF at low pressure.

Why rope access and super-heated water?

Here’s why we recommended our choice of method and equipment:

No damage to the already soft surface
No chemical use or overspray risk to the public
26,000 litres of water saved compared to pressure washing
Minimum environmental impact
No scaffolding required which saved a huge sum of budget
The team we used

The works were carried out using a team of six IRATA trained abseilers, a site manager and a two-man ground security team to ensure the safety of the staff, patients and visitors while working around the entrances.

Other work we carried out

On completion of the cleaning, we then carried out a range of remedial repairs to damaged and loose panels, window frames and gaskets.

MOD Hangar Cleaning | Cladding Cleaning

Location: Bedfordshire
Project Value: £80,000

We firstly undertook a thorough structural survey of the hangars via rope access, and discovered that due to the holes in the roof there was a huge amount of debris in the netting that would need to be carefully and safely removed before we could even begin to replace it.

Why rope access?

With such a unique, large-scale complex structure, rope access was the only option – any mechanical cherry pickers or scissor lifts just didn’t have the reach! Rope access meant we could be very agile and manoeuvre around the large space quickly and safely.

The team we used

We assigned a team of eight IRATA trained rope access technicians and two project managers who developed a detailed and fully safety-checked plan to dismantle the netting and lower it to the ground along with the debris inside.

The results

Over a seven-week period we first removed over four tons of debris and broken roof panels in the existing netting, then removed the damaged netting – which weighed more than two tons – and replaced it with a new, high quality netting which will ensure the safety of those below it for many years to come.

Kaizen Group - Building Refurbishment for Industrial and Commercial Buildings

Dencora House, Milton Keynes | Cladding & Facade Cleaning

Location: Milton Keynes
Project Value: £25,000

The client had approached other companies in our field to rejuvenate the very tatty looking exterior cladding panels but without success, as after the newly-cleaned panels dried, the stains re-appeared.

We conducted an initial site visit and full inspection using mechanical access methods to discover that the panels had a combination of surface staining, silicone bleed and hydrocarbon deposits from vehicle exhausts. This was going to be a very specialist job; but we had the knowledge and contacts to source a unique prototype product from Sweden. When applied to a test area and left for a few minutes it removed the stains completely and just required a gentle rinse with water to make the exterior look brand new again.

Why mechanical access?

Mechinical access offered a stable and mobile platform to reach every part of the building, whilst also allowing us to carry the tools required for the job with us. We used two 85ft self-propelled booms that were perfectly suited to the job in hand.

The team we used

We put together a team of four IPAF trained technicians to work on the project, and security personnel on the ground to ensure the safety of the public on the busy thoroughfare.

What our client said:

“We commissioned kaizen to undertake a thorough clean of a 1990s office block that was past its best. We were given a demonstration of the service Kaizen could offer with a test panel being cleaned and returned to a virtually new looking finish. We then commissioned the cleaning of the entire external elevations and the result is a building that stands out for all the right reasons! Kaizen managed the process very efficiently indeed and the work was carried out on budget and on schedule with minimum disruption. We will definitely be using Kaizen again.”

Affordable commercial cladding cleaning company

The specialist processes that we use are combined with quality products which gently clean and restore your cladding to an as new condition. We achieve this through assessing the surface thoroughly and then identifying the most suitable technique to carry out the necessary cleaning work.

Cladding can be protected from UV damage by applying a hydrophobic coating specially designed for use on cladding, Kaizen Group have developed the cleaning system which can clean, restore and protect cladding from adverse weather conditions especially sunlight which breaks down the colour pigmentation on cladding panels. Learn more about this by calling us FREE on 0800 1694 572 today.

In addition to our cleaning services, we can also offer expert advice and guidance on how to keep your building in excellent condition, reduce the likelihood of future replacement work and advise on a regular cladding cleaning schedule.

If you require FREE advice why not give us a call 0800 1694 572 we are always happy to help.

Did you know Kaizen Group has carried hundreds of large cladding cleaning contracts to all types of buildings throughout England, probably more than any other services provider? Our understanding of the many different types ad brands of cladding ensures that we know how to remove all types of surface contaminants from all types of cladding without causing damage to the surface.

High-Level Cladding Cleaning should be undertaken by experienced working at height specialists, they should be suitably trained in IPAF, PASMA, IRATA and other relevant training specific to the cleaning task.

We offer Cladding Cleaning Services across the United Kingdom.

We are one of the few companies who offer this service; we’ve become the experts at it because abseiling down a building to clean and refurbish it offers many advantages: It’s low impact and versatile, it avoids the need for expensive and unsightly scaffolding, and it often means that the job can be completed faster.

Our rope access team are experts; fully accredited IRATA trained abseilers, with many years of experience and always work to current health and safety guidelines.

We are one of the few companies who offer this service; we’ve become the experts at it because abseiling down a building to clean and refurbish it offers many advantages: It’s low impact and versatile, it avoids the need for expensive and unsightly scaffolding, and it often means that the job can be completed faster.

Our rope access team are experts; fully accredited IRATA trained abseilers, with many years of experience and always work to current health and safety guidelines.

Sometimes it’s just not practical or feasible to use rope access on a building. If that’s the case, we can erect scaffolding instead. A great fail-safe access method that guarantees unrestricted access for us to get on and do ‘our thing’, whilst maintaining the highest health and safety procedures and inline with the current health and safety guidelines.

Another advantage of scaffolding is that it allows other trades access, so if your building’s refurbishment includes window replacement or new signage for example they can utilise the scaffolding too, making it more cost-effective.

We’ve got a fleet of cherry pickers, scissor lifts, lorry-mounted platforms and other specialist vehicles that allow us to reach places that would be hard to reach by any other method. Mechanical access methods offer a highly mobile cleaning and refurbishment platform and are well-suited to high level internal cleaning, as well as getting to every part of complex structures such as bridges where scaffolding or rope access isn’t an option.

And of course, all of our mechanical access team are fully IPAF trained and experienced operators and always work to the latest health and safety guidelines.