Commercial Buildings Cleaning and Commercial Building Refurbishment Services

Office blocks – shopping centres – multi-storey car parks – industrial units – petrol stations – whatever your location and commercial building, tall or low, we will be able to clean and refurbish all or part of it as you require.

We wash windows, stone, brick, concrete, paint, metal and wood. We also clean and refurbish cladding and gutters, obliterate graffiti, blast floors and paving, install pigeon netting, renovate façades and repaint.

Among the many buildings and structures we’ve cleaned or refurbished are offices in Canary Wharf, London, the massive Central Milton Keynes shopping centre, Multi-storey car parks in Stevenage and numerous petrol station forecourts and canopies for Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Q8.

We are specialists in:

  • Cleaning dirt and dust from windows, walls, floors, paving, canopies, roofs, guttering, fascias, paint work, pipes and lighting.
  • At all height levels and regardless of access difficulties.
  • Silos, tanks, blast freezers, heat exchangers… and kitchens.
  • Pumps and fuel depots – oil treatment and removal.
  • Oil stain and weed treatment, cleaning and removal.
  • Block paving and car park areas
  • Graffiti and chewing gum removal and management.
  • Painting, including applying sacrificial coatings.
  • Replacing windows, gutters, drainpipes and lighting.
  • Cleaning and renovating glass canopies and other structures.
  • Fixing and/or removing aerials, banners, decorations, lighting, flag poles and other attachments.
  • Installing pigeon netting and anti-bird spikes.

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