30+Years Established

500+Completed Projects

Potentially slippery, hazardous areas will have been eradicated and the surrounds to your buildings and the buildings themselves given a fresh, new look to impress customers, visitors and staff.

With our speed of cleaning, relatively little water is used and, as no detergents are involved, the water can go into surface drains.
We safely remove dirt, weeds, moss, algae grime, paint, graffiti, bitumen, oil, grease, chewing gum, tyre marks and similar coatings.
Our secret is that we jet water, steam or eco-friendly additives at critical angles of attack – first to loosen and then get under the mire. On ground surfaces, brushes meticulously clean without damaging the surface.

In addition, we can:

Repair damaged concrete.
Apply a hard wearing, matt or gloss finish acrylic copolymer sealant to suppress weed growth and resist oils and greases.

Polished concrete floors provide a smooth, mirror-like surface finish. The design choices for polished concrete are limitless. You can select practically any specific colour, design variations, or simply add aggregates or even unique objects into the concrete floor just before polishing. The light reflection on the surface area can be controlled by applying different levels of a concrete floor polishing. Our polished concrete flooring is the most suitable solution for a contemporary up-to-date overall look, which is perfect for an all-natural polished concrete appearance. Areas that polished concrete floor can be used include: retail outlets, galleries, commercial buildings, factories, industrial units, showrooms and many more . Polished concrete floors are in demand simply because they are very easy to maintain. To maintain polished floors normally requires dirt and dust mopping combined with regular use of a polished floor maintenance product.

Examples of our concrete polishing services

Car Showrooms | For a sparkling and stunningly clean polished concrete surface

Location: DerbyProject Value: £100,000

The industries first choice for polished car showrooms across the country. For examples of our work where you can walk straight in drop us a message.

Supercar Garage polished to display £5m of exotic cars.

Location: Yorkshire
Project Value: £75000

From dull uneven floor to polished masterpiece to display a huge selection of supercars.

Kaizen Group - Building Refurbishment for Industrial and Commercial Buildings

Concrete Cleaning, Restoring, and Protecting

Location: Bristol

Here we are providing a full floor refurbishment starting with removal of racking bolts and repairs of the holes and followed by metal grinding the floor to a perfectly flat surface before polishing.