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Building Refurbishment Services
Stone Repairs and Stone Cleaning Services

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Building Refurbishment Services
Stone Repairs & Stone Cleaning

We’re specialists restoring all kinds of buildings.

We refurbish all types of buildings, our in-depth experience includes hospitals, offices, schools, supermarkets, MOD buildings, warehouses, factories, distribution centres, bridges, churches & cathedrals, stately homes, city landmarks, historical buildings, wind farms, steelworks and many more. Our refurbishment teams will quickly & safely restore buildings and facades, always focussing on cleaning, sanitising, restoring, and protecting.

Experts in building refurbishment.

Kaizen Group is a highly experienced organisation with over 30 years of expertise in offering building refurbishment services for the commercial and industrial sectors. Our track record boasts of numerous successfully executed projects, ranging from the restoration of old buildings, stately homes, warehouses, factories, chemical plants, and others.

No compromise, no cutting corners, no excuses. We give you nothing but the best for your budget and building.

Kaizen Group is the preferred choice for all your building refurbishment and dilapidation requirements. With more than 30 years of experience, our team possesses the expertise and knowledge to ensure your project is finished to the highest standards possible. We take pride in our ability to devise innovative solutions to complex issues and provide an uncompromising service that never sacrifices on quality.

About us

Rejuvenating commercial and industrial buildings to be ‘as good as new’.

A benefit of using Kaizen Group for your building refurbishment needs is their expertise in stone repairs and cleaning.

Stone surfaces require specialised knowledge and skills to repair and clean effectively. Kaizen Group has a team of experienced technicians who are trained in the latest stone repair and cleaning techniques.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and products to achieve excellent results while minimising damage to the stone surface. Whether you need to remove stains, repair cracks, or polish the surface, Kaizen Group can provide the right solution.



Over Projects finished and still counting


Years Experience

More than 30 years experience in industry

Our reputation is widely recognised throughout the industry. We are frequently named in tender proposals for building refurbishments, dilapidations, and building cleaning by industry consultants, facility managers, architects, commercial and industrial property owners, and surveyors.
As a trusted provider nationwide, we are Kaizen Industrial.



Kaizen Group - Building Refurbishment for Industrial and Commercial Buildings

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We’re Kaizen Industrial Group. We’re experts in refurbishing, cleaning, and maintaining every type of large-scale building or structure.

For over 30 years we’ve tackled every difficult problem, found ingenious solutions, and delivered nothing but the best. Our infrastructure, knowledge, and expertise mean we deliver cost-effective, efficient solutions, and have the resources and logistics needed to refurbish every type of large-scale building or structure in a timely and cost-efficient way.

Trusted Nationwide for over 30 years.

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Commercial & Industrial Building Refurbishment Specialists

Stone Repairs and Stone Cleaning Refurbishment Examples

New Hope Hospital

A full clean and protection service for the stone and concrete facades, flooring, and roofing.

Central London

Rope access stone repair and stone cleaning restoration and protective project.

Unique Buildings

Exclusive London flats in need of urgent stone repairs and cleaning..


Landmarks and Difficult Building Restoration

Kaizen Group also clean, refurb, and protect famous landmarks and the more difficult building types, from bridges to churches.

Kaizen Group - Building Refurbishment for Industrial and Commercial Buildings
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