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The Kaizen Method

Who are Kaizen Industrial Group?

Kaizen provides a range of specialist refurbishment services primarily in the construction industry, as well as directly offering services to building owners and operators.

Kaizen Industrial Group is a unique company with a dedicated workforce of highly skilled and experienced professionals who started out providing specialised solutions for Japanese manufacturers over 25 years ago. ‘Kaizen’ is a Japanese term meaning, “change for the better,” or “continuous improvement”. With values centered on continuous improvement, the foundation for Kaizen Industrial Group was laid.

This philosophy is applied to all elements of our work. For example, most manufacturers of concrete polishing systems would like us to only use and promote their products, but we recognise the pros and cons of all the available systems. This knowledge gives us the ability to offer our customers combinations of different systems to fit more closely with what they’re looking to achieve and almost always at a lower cost. In this industry, the Kaizen Method is a unique way of working, priding ourselves on the work we carry out and the attention to detail throughout.

Concrete Polishing: The Kaizen Way

There are so many benefits to concrete polishing over other floor refurbishing services. It is a little-known fact that concrete polishing can be cheaper than painting your floors.

Unlike painting, you only need to do polish once. On most floors, Kaizen offers a 30-year dust-proof guarantee, which reduces future dilapidation costs and increases the value for building owners…so, a win-win really! It’s also worth mentioning that epoxy paints release toxins over time in the form of dust. These toxins can be cosmogenic, and that’s why concrete polishing is not only cheaper but a much safer approach.

Aside from being a safer alternative, concrete polishing also creates a better surface for longer life – it’s dust-free and easy to clean and reduces airborne dust. In addition, it creates greater reflectivity, and its non-slip surface improves workplace health and safety.

The most obvious benefit is that visually, concrete polished floors look beautiful. Polished concrete floors look brand new, all the time. It’s a fantastic addition to any industrial or commercial property, especially those with high-traffic areas.

Kaizen Industrial Group offers the safest and most cost-effective solutions for your flooring. As concrete and refurbishment experts, there isn’t anything we can’t handle.

Our concrete refurbishment can take anywhere from a few days to several months, depending on the size of the project, budget and what is required to get the very best results within these parameters. And no project is too large!

Most of all, we’re Kaizen; we take our name, and its meaning, seriously, priding ourselves on the quality of the work we do for customers.

A complete solution with a name you can trust. For more information, call us today on 0800 1694 572.